Tuesday, October 29, 2013

September 30th & 31st - It begins

I started my official ceramics internship by doing my favorite thing: paper work for the Education Department! Counting names and attendance for grant writing, sorting contracts, all that good stuff. Thankfully I got at least a soft start in the ceramics studios.

This week, in addition to some light organization of some supplies, I did some much needed organization of the kiln stilts. Those little white stickers are labeled  1/2 to 12 (corresponding to their height in inches). No more throwing them wherever; they've got designated areas now.

Jeff suggested I label them with some underglaze. Naturally, the numbers are almost as big as the stilts themselves. At least no one will miss them.

Organization is crucial in a ceramics studio - especially to one that is used by a multitude of people (and especially one that is seen by a multitude of people)

One area down, several more to go.

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